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SM Fanfic

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1SM Fanfic Empty SM Fanfic on 11/17/2009, 2:28 am


So, I'm sure everyone has already seen this already, but what the hell?
Here we go, I wrote a Sailor Moon Fanfic, it's probably gonna be the only one I'll ever write, because I'm finding it hard to get ideas.

The Dream of being re-united, Chibiusa's feelings.

"it's Been a whole year now...since it happened...I still think about him, oh I wish he didn't have to go!" The Pink haired little lady sighed, she was thinking about him again, she had been thinking about him alot lately.
'I miss you...Helios...why haven't I seen you in my dreams?...have you forgotten about me?...or maybe he loves someone else..' that thought crossed her mind as a tear ran down her face.
"Chibiusa?...are you okay?" a sweet soft sounding voice was heard beside her, it belonged to her very best friend hotaru, who had been walking beside her for some time.
"Hm?" Chibiusa hummed as she looked up to look at her friend.
Hotaru gave a concerned look. "is there something on your mind? you look like you've been thinking about something." Hotaru was always there for Chibiusa ever since what Happened two years ago, but that's a different story for a different time. Chibiusa looked up at her, she didn't know weather to tell hotaru about helios or not, she didn't tell any of her friends except for the other senshi " was thinking about someone ...someone I think...I ...I love.." She blushed looking away quickly.
Hotaru's eyes grew bigger and a smile creeped across her face. "Who is it?! is it someone from your school? anyone I know??!" Hotaru asked all excited clutching chibiusa's into hers, Chibiusa looked at her in a surprise, "wow I had no idea that hotaru would care so much. she thought giving a annoyed yet happy sigh. "come on and I'll Explain" she said leading Hotaru over ro a park bench.
Chibiusa explained the whole story, about dream mirrors and the dead moon circus, about sailor moon, her and the rest of the senshi changing their transformations all because helios the keeper of dreams, it sent little chibiusa's tiny heart a flutter. She loved thinking about and talking about him.
Hotaru Could see the look on her face, the calm smile, the light pink across her cheeks, and the way her eyes sparkled when she'd say his name.
Hotaru smiled again " really loved him, didn't you?" She said sunddenly, which snapped chibiusa out of her romantic dream like state. her facwe became redder and she looked up at hotaru in shock. "well...I..."
Hotaru interupted "not like silly crush love...I mean like true real love like Mamo-chan and usagi like you look at him or think about him and your heart takes off in flight."
Hotaru's words were so peotic and heart lifting to the little chibiuas, that's what she liked about her, she always spoke her mind and never held back her opinion.
"I...I think I loved him more then being a Sailor Senshi and protecting the earth." Hotaru looked at her in shock, not once while she's been a senshi has she heard ANYONE say something like that. this must be serisous, how could she help her best friend with this problem? if Helios was could she get him to come back for Chibiusa? This was something Hotaru needed to think about.

Meanwhile at Rai's shrine Usagi called akll the Senshi to an important meeting, VERY Importent she needed to get off of her chest.
"alright usagi waht is it that you want to tell us that everyone had to rush over and drop what they were doing for you to tell us?" Rai said rolling her eyes complaining again as she sat at the small heated table in her room.
"now rai! Usagi may have something very importent to tell us, lets give her a chance!" Ami Said looking up from her book, as much as ami wouldn't admit it she thought usagi called them all over for homework.
Finally she looked up at her friends, to all of their faces, she smiled thinking about how they all met and all the good times they had together. "girls the reason why I called you all here today is...I've decided to re-tire from being a Senshi."
They all looked up at her shocked, Ami Dropped her english book, Makoto over poured the tea she was serving to Setsuna.
Then Haruka was the one to finally speak up she slammed her hand on the table making it shake and glasses fell over. "what do you mean you want to retire?? what about the planet? what about our future of the earth and the moon kingdom? are you just gonna throw it all away??! just like that??!"
Haruka shoute, Usagi's reaction was of surprise then it turned into a kind hearted smile as she looked at haruka.
haruka's eyes grew wide she began getting annoyed she leapt across the table and grabbed usagi by the front og her school uniform. "What?! what are you smiling at me like that for?? TELL ME DAMMIT!" She shouted in usagi's face, usagi only began to laugh as the others watched thinking usagi had lost it, BIG TIME.
"That's what I love about you Haruka, when your upset you never hide your feelings" she said with a giggle.
Haruka looked back at her blushing, she slowly begane to let go of the front of her outfit and sat back down.
Michiru patted Haruka on the shoulder.
"Please usagi, Please explain" Michiru said looking up at her.
"I do still want the world to be protected and it's not like I'm giving up, I'm just simpley re-tiring but it's all for a good reason, I've been doing this for five years now, I can't keep this up all know that."
Usagi said, she looksed out at all of the girls, some looked very serious, pthers looked worried and sad "but..." They all suddenly looked back up at her as she continued.
"The most importent reason why I'm re-triing is....Mamo-chan asked me to marry him and I said Yes!" Tears welled up in each Senshi's eyes, there were looks of shock and others smiled, Haruka could only smirk and say "well it's about time."
Makoto's eyes sparkled as she clapped her hands together.
"I must Cook the respecion fest!" Usagi nodded, Minako spoke up next, "Can i be your brides maid? lease! Usagi you know I'd make a beautiful brides maid! Coz....yanno I being your BEST FREIND and all!" She said in a post tone, rai slammed her hands on the tables in anger, "now wait just a damn minute! There's no-way Usagi would pick YOU over ME! I'M her best friend! not YOU!" Rai said with a glimmer in her eyes and a mean smirk on her face.
"I would like to be her brides maid actually..." everyone looked up to see a very shy blushing Ami hiding behind her book again, they all stared at her for a few minutes before breaking into an agurement.
Setsuna, Michiru and Haruka only sat silent out of the ring of fire all giving annoyed sighs, but then smiled, even though the girls were still so young they still liked hanging out with them, they were very funny to the older girls out of the group.
Usagi watched them all, she could only smile, "their fighting over me...and Mamo-chan..." it was a good feeling, it was the feeling of love, or being loved by her best friends.
finally they all looked over at her and shouted out all at once. "WELL USAGI??!" Whose it gonna be?" having them say it at once was very eeary to haruka who just shuddered after hearing it.
"All of you" She said in a kind giggle like voice.
They each looked at her so funny. "What?" Rai said looking at her confused.
" can't...I mean it's never been done before." Said Makoto.
Usagi only shook her head "then this well be the first time, and besides I had already thought it over, I knew you'd all want to be the brides maid, so that's what'll happen"
Usagi said smiling, all the others stared at her and then smiled back.
"but usagi if your retiring as a senshi then who will protect the earht?" Said ami speaking up again, all of the other Senshi nodded in agreement. they wanted to know too.
"That is whty I will pass the job of protection the earth down to Chibiusa, I have protected it long enough, and after all she is the future princess of the moon and she loves being a senshi, it's time she took over and became the new 'Neo' Sailor Moon"
But as much as Usagi was happy about it, the others mainly the older of the group werre concerned of what Chibiuas would SAY.

During sometime around the afternoon the older of the senshi decided they would head home, so they waved their oodbyes to the younger senshi and started off down the stairs of the Shrine.
"Wow I never thought that usagi would act so grown up with her decision."
Said Michiru in a calm smile.
"Well" Haruka began "we all gotta grow up sometime I guess it wa sabout time for usagi." She said in a cocky smirk.
"just one thing I'm curious about." Setsuna spoke up, the other two women looked across at her.
"if chibiusa takes oer being the new "neo' Sailor Moon, then won't it be a little weird when usagi and Mamo-Chan have their first child and it'll be chibiusa but future Chibiusa is already here? I mean I know I'm the keeper of time and all but I never really thought about it before."
Haruka and Michiru just stared at setsuna in a confused, surprised sort of way, a great silence fell over them, "well...uh...I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it" Haruka said breaking the silence, the other two looked at her and the three of them went on to stare at one another until Michiru let out a little giggle. Sensuna began to giggle as well, Haruka smiled and laughed along with them. it was he first time they had all laughed together like that in a long time.
"Well I think it's time we headed back, maybe we'll see hotaru and chibiusa on the way home." Haruka suggested as she continued to head down the stairs of the shrine.
"Oh that's right, whose going to tell chibiuas about usagi's decision?" Michru interupted.
I Guess that was another bridge they would cross once they got to it, which they would reach sooner then they thought.

The little pink haired chibi shouted as she heard the news, her bright red eyes widended in shock.
"but...if usagi-sama is retiring from the sailor senshi then who will protect the earth?" little hotaru asked while she stood beside Chibiusa, haruka looked over at the two. " see..she said she wanted to pass it down to chibiusa." Haruka said, Hotaru looked at her then to chibiusa who looked even more shocked then before. there was a lojng pause, then "me?...usagi wants me to be the new "neo" Sailor moon? and protect the planet?..." Chibiusa finally spoke up, the other four looked over at her quickly.
"it''s an honer...a BIG honer to take over and protect the planet and the poeple that I love...but...what if I can't reach up to everything she lived up to, her standereds were so high, she...what if i can't be like her? what If I can't be as good as her?" Chibiusa looked down at the ground "I won't just be protecting this planet..but our future as well what if I can't do it?"
The other four senshi had no idea what to say, they were speechless, all they could do was look at her sadly.

"Wow, never thought you would be the type to give up so easily, guess we were wrong about you Chibiusa, or should I say "'Chibi-moon'"
The five senshi looked up to see four young girls standing by the park gates, one was wearing a red dress and had red hair and eyes that matched, the three others standing behind her had matching hair and eyes to go with their dresses as well. Green, yellow and Blue. Chibiusa'a eyes grew wide again and she smiled.
"VESUEVESUE! PALLAPALLA! JUNJUN! CELECELE!" She shouted and ran over to them, "hey chibius-" Vesuevesue was cut off quickly when chibiusa glomped her knocking her over. "HEY! easy now! this is a new dress!" Vesuevesue shouted lookinging down at her, Chibiusa kept her grip nuzzling her head in her breasts. Vesuevesue blushed while the other three giggled. "GET OFF!" vesuevesue shouted again and pushed chibiusa off. chibiusa looked up and blushed, "oops, sorry!" she said getting up and then helping vesuevesue up too. "what on earth are you doing here?" she asked looking at them.
"well we figured we outta pay you a little visit since it's been a long time and plus we owed it to you and usagi after what you had done for us" Junjun said crossing her arims and smiling at chibiusa.
Hotatru, Sensuna, Harukaand Michiru went over to greet the four new girls, "So, chibiusa who are your friends?" Haruka asked looking across at them, she didn't know if she should trust them hyst yet. "Oh! this is Vesuevesu-" Chibiusa began but was shortly cut off by a cheeky Junjun. "I'm Junjun!" she said introducing herself. "And this is Vesuevesue.." she then introduced the red head beside her. "yo!" Vesuevesue said waving .
"And this is Celecele.." she went onto introduce the girl wearing yellow. she had flowers in her light pink hair and a very kind face. "greetings, i am very pleased to meet you." CeleCele said bowing over.
"And last but not least Pallapalla" She said in a snicker, a younger girl out of the four wearing a light blue dress with matching hair stepped forward. "Hi! I hope we can all become friends!" she said happily.
The Senshi looked at the four young girls, how very odd, there was just something a little off, what could it be?
"Well we're sorry to cute this short but we really should be heading home, Hotaru we'll see you later?" Haruka said smiling and waving to them as the others followed.
"Wow...tough crowd what was all that about?" Vesuvesue asked watching the older senshi walk away.
"they do that" Chibiusa said in a worried sigh she haoped they didn't think her little amazon friends were any trouble.

Haruka looked up at Michiru and Setsuna "did you feel that, it was a strange feeling, I felt being around them." Haruka said looking up at the sunset..
"I did,, there's a very powerful enegry coming from those four girls, we'd better watch them"
Michiru added.

"So, Chibi-moon whats been up since we've been gone?" Vesuvesue asked while Junjun chased Pallapalla around in the grass "ever see that 'Helios' again?" PallaPalla asked before falling over into a pile of flowers that CeleCele was tending to.
Chibiusa looked up surprised and blushed. no...I ...haven't...I haven't even dreamt about him either, and....I don't know why..." She said looking down at her feet.
The four amazons eyes grew wide. they couldn't believe what they were hearing. "maybe...he just doesn't like me anymore...I really wish...I...i could see him again." She continued as tears ran down her face. "I just....I Loved him so much!" she said dropping down to her knees crying harder. Hotaru dropped down beside her to began to comfort her friend. The amazons looked at her surprised and then very sadly. no body knew what to say to her.
"Chibiusa, you ran through fire for him, even though you knew you'd hurt yourself saving him, there is no way he could ever forget someone as kind as you, just have faith."
Chibiusa looked up only to find a kind smile from the very shy Pallapalla who dropped down beside her. Chibiusa wiped the tears away and smiled back.

That's Right Faith was very importent.

it was already getting dark before the girls went to leave the park.
they had spent alot of time catching up and just talking. "I'm sure if you want to stay a while my friend rai can let you stay at her shrine" Chibiusa suggested looking across at the four girls. Vesuevesue nodded. "that would be awesome." she replied. the other girls just looked at her.
"VESUEVESUE!" junjun shouted "can we talk to you alone for a minute?" she insisted pulling Vesuevesue into the circle.
"Whats the big idea?" junJun shouted again crossing her arms in anger. Vesuevesue just looked at her in a funny way. "what do you mean?" she asked.
"We can't stay here!" Celecele introrupted.
"yeah! We need to get back to our island!" shouted Pallapalla.
"And since when have 'YOU' been the one to decide what we're all allowed to do from now on? HUH? WELL?!" JunJun yelled throwing her arms up in the air in anger.
"because I'm worried about Chibi-moon and I know you are too junjun!" Vesuevesue shouted back. "look it's only for a little while and then we can go back to our island, I just want to make sure she's going to be okay."Vesuevesue said ending the conversation and turning back to chibiusa and hotaru. "Okay! lets go, we're ready!" she said happily. Chibiusa and hotaru nearly fell over.

And so all six of the young girls headed for Rai's Shrine.
"so I was thinking when we get to the shrine we can" chibiusa began but was cut off when she saw her little kitten diana run up to her. "Small lady!" the cat shouted, chibiusa looked down at her shocked "diana? what are you doing here? I thought you went back to the future with luna and artemis!" Chibiusa said, "no time for that small lady, we've got trouble!" the little cat said in a panic.
"trouble?!" chibiusa and hotaru shouted looking at each other and then at the amazon girls. "I swear we had nothing to do with it!" Vesuevesue shouted out waving her hands in front of her face in a joking manner.
"No time for that! lets go! diana lead the way!" Chibiusa shouted as she began to lead the others to the danger along side of diana.

The screams from the little girl got louder as the purple haired grey skinned long clawed woman-like monster got closer to the small child.
"get back! please! get back!" the little girl screamed backing away. The Woman got closer, "now! now! this won't hurt...much, just show it to me! now!" she shouted grabbing the small child by the neck and began chockiong her.
Chibiusa, hotaru and the other four girls ranm to the scene. "Chibiusa! lets transform!" hotaru shouted looking over at her.
Chibiusa bnodded, Chibiusa pulled her brotch from her uniform and raised it into the air "Moon Crisis Make up!" she shouted.
Hotatur raised her hand in the air and shouted "Saturn Star make up!" And her nails began to sparkle. a lash of purple ribbons began to cover her body and shot upward, they disappeared with her fully dressed, she flipped her hair back and her lips sparkled as she went into her battle post with her weapon.
Chibiusa was lifted up as the pink ribbons covered her whole body, they disappeared in a white light with her uniform now covering her, her tiara and lips sparkled she went into her battle pose with her right arm above her head and her fingers in the peaqce sign.
Hataru looked over at chibi-moon "you ready to do this chibi-moon?" she asked concerned. "as long as I have you, by my side, I'll always be." Chibi-moon replied, they smiled at each other and then ran towards the monster.

"Hey Ugly!" Chibi-moon shouted pointing at the bad guy.
The monster looked up. "I don't know who you are, or what you are but i won't allow you to pick on innocent kids! I am Sailor Chibi-Moon, I stand for Love, and I stand for Jutice! and in the name of the New Moon I shall Punish you!" Chibi-Moon Shouted with her hands on her hips, "and I am Sailor Saturn, and in the name of death and re-birth i will punish you!" Saturn shouted aiming her sythe at the bad guy.
"whats this? more victoms? well one of you MUST have it!" The woman said dropping the little girl to the ground and launged herself at the two.
"LOOK OUT!" Vesuevesue was heard shouting as a rock came flying out of nowhere and hit the baddie in the forehead.
"Haha! Nice job Vesuevesue! Direct hit!" Pallapalla shouted Happily, "nice arm on yah girl!" JunJun said smiling, Vesuevesue smiled back and bowed, "thank you, thank you!" she giggled.
"grrrrrrrrrr, Insolent little flies!" the baddie growled, her eyes changed to yellow and her arms streached out grabbing Chibi-moon and saturn by their throats and shoving them backwards into the trees.
"Chibiusa!" Vesuevesue shouted grabbing another rock. the baddie's hair began to grow and it shot out grabbing the four girls and slamming them into the grund pinning them there.
The Baddie gave a laugh and began walking over to Chibi-Moon.
"Since you seem to be the leader of all of these flies, I'll be getting rid of you first!" She smiled, Chibi-moon felt her callion bell appear in her hand, she wanted to say the words so badly. "peg....pegesus...." She stopped herself, tears welled up in her eyes 'he won't come...' she thought. the baddie got closer, opening her mouth revealing her sharp fangs, Chibi-Moon raised her arm with the Callion bell in her hand and smashed it into the monster's forehead.
The Monster growled again in anger, she grabbed chibi-moon again and slammed her harder into the tree strangling the life out of her.
"CHIBI-MOON!" Saturn shouted struggling.
"Hang in there!" Vesusevesue shouted "Please! let go of her!" She continued
"SILENCE!" The Monster screamed tightening her grip on them all.
"it's all over for the leader of you little flies!" she shouted laughing.
Chibi-Moon was slowly starting to lose coniousness. 'so....this is it....the end' Chibi-moon thought, tears ran down her face.
"....Helios..." Chibi-Moon whispered. ther Monster leaned in to bite her.
a Beam of light suddenly appeared in the sky followed by the sound of a horse.
"Eh??!" The monster stopped and looked up at the sky, the light was so over powering it blinded the monster she covered her eyes with her arm that was holding Saturn to the tree and let go of chibi-Moon as she backed away into the shadows, hissing. "what is that light??!" she yelped hissing the light burned through the hair keeping the four girls pinned to the ground.
Chibi-Moon looked up slowly getting her breath back. "peg....Pegesus?!" she said as her eyes grew wide. The light died down and a white flying horse came down from the sky.
"I'll take care of all of you once and for all!" the monster shouted, pegesus looked over at the amazons. "it is time to protect your princess and awaken your powers."
he said then his horn began to glow, four Colorful Orbs appeared infront of each of them. "what....what are these?" vesuevesue asked reaching out for hers, it glew and changed it''s form into a red crystal wand with wings.
The other Orbs transformed too, "take them and re-peat whats in your hearts"
Pegesus said, then looked over at Sailor Saturn, her Star wand appeared in front of her, his horn began glowing again and it changed it's form into a crystal wand with winds as well.
Vesuevesue, Celecele, Junjun and Pallapalla each grabbed their wands and shouted out.
Red, Yellow, Green and Blue Ribbons covered each of the girls bodies, the ribbons turned into glowing light that disappeared and they were now fully dressed, they each stood in a battle pose afterward.
"Wow!" Vesue said looking down shocked.
"We're Senshi!" Shouted Junjun.
The four of them looked up "lets take care of this joker girls! once and for all!" shouted Vesue.
The Monster started to charge at Chibi-moon again. "PALLAS BLUE ASTEROID SURPRISE!" The Blue Senshi sghouted and a blue whip lashed out pushing the Monster away.
"RED VESUE LASH-O!" Vesue shouted and a blast of red forced the monster into the ground, the girls smiled, "we got it weakend!" Said Vesue, "Chibi-Moon! you have to finish it off!" Pallas shouted.
Chibi-Moon stood up. "But I-" She began, she looked down at her Callion Bell that Started to glow,The bell Transformed into a staff and the heart glew with all the colors of the Senshi. "my little maiden, it is time to say 'Moon Sparkling dream riod action.'" Pegesus said looking over at her, Chibi-moon blinked as she looked at her Callion Staff, she looked up at Pegesus with a smile and nodded.
"I'LL KILL YOU!" The Monster screamed chanrging at Chibi-Moon.
Chibi-moon held the wand infront of her face. "Moon, Sparkling dream rod, ACTION!" She shoved her arms forward and a colorful heart shaped blast shot out of the wand right at the monster, She let out a Scream "BEAUTIFUL!" And vanished within the light.

"Chibiusa! you did it! you did it!" Shouted Sailor Saturn Happliy clapping her hands together. Chibi-Moon looked over at pegesus.
"Oh Uh...Come on you guys we need to go over here!" Vesue shouted pulling the other four away leaving Chibi-moon and Pegesus alone together.
Feathers flew upward and pegesus transformed into helios. Chibi-Moon blushed looking up at him. "My Little Maiden, I heard you calling me." Helios said smiling at her. Chibi-moon's eyes welled up with tears. "I....i.....thought would never see you again.." she said trying to wipe the tears away.
"My Little maiden, please don't cry" he frowned.
"Helios...I never told beautiful dream..." she began more tears ran down her dface, she ran over and hugged Helios tightly nearly knocking him over.
"my Little maiden" he said looking down at her in a surprise. " beautiful dream has always....been ansd akways will stay with you."
She said looking back up at him, he looked back at her and smiled, hugging her back tightly. "My Sweet Maiden...I would love nothing more to have your dream come true."
He let out a warm smile, then leaned in closer and gave her a gentle kiss.
Chibi-moon blushed, she kissed him back, " mean....?" she asked, helios nodded. "I will Never leave your side again, my sweet little Maiden, I promise to stay on earth and protect you."
Chibi-Moon smiled brightly at him Oh.....HELIOS!" She shouted glomping him knocking him over onto the ground, Helios let out a Chuckle, "easy now, princess." Chibi-moon giggled, "sorry! I'm just so happy!" she said laughing.

"well, it's about time" Smiled Vesue watching around the Corner with the others.

"Well Diana, Looks like Chibiuas can take care of everything without us, just fine." Said Sailor Mars hiding in the buses with venus, Mercury and jupiter. who got there a little too late, but they just smiled and watched.

Well it looked like alls well that ends well everything was going to be just fine.

Somewhere dark and covered in dark crystals. "did you find it yet?" a Woman's voice asked .
"No madam, but soon." a Man's voice replied.
"The World and all which is in it shall be mine!" the voice began to laugh.

to be continued.

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