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Anyone else out there want to admit to this?

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I'm just curious to know if there are any other Twilight freaks out there in Aardvark Land. I know how my brother feels about this, and I really couldn't care less. I'm not 14 years old. I am a grown woman, wife, & mother & I love the Twilight Saga.

Why do I feel like I just came out of the closet? Embarassed

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Initially I wasn't. Then I was. Then I saw Sparkling and Vampire used realitively close together. At that point I turned back to where I started.

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Epic Win
Epic Win
Seconded on the "Sparkling Vampires."

What really turned me off to the series was the overly obvious fact that Bella is a Mary Sue. I hate Sues with a passion. After this was revealed to me, I just can't bring myself to read the books.

When the movies make it to TV, I might watch them on a Sunday afternoon when there's nothing else on, though.

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The movie was ok when we watched it, but Vampires Don't Sparkle! And I am just now reading your Twighlight book sis that you let me and Garrett borrow. It will get back to you soon! I promise! It just takes me a while to get done. Smile I am hoping it will be good. I might see the new one when it comes to DVD.

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aardvark addict
Twilight saga...





Rolling Eyes




Sparkling vampires don't work for me. santa

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I can sum it up real fast Edward was a vampire, sparkly, pretty and probably gay. Bella fell in love with him and hated herself she almost died unfortunately it was almost.

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Ok, Ok, so I'm entirely alone in this least around here.

Have to say, I identify greatly with Bella, Mary Sue or not. Her insecurities are very similar to mine (that you do not see in the movie....the movie paled in comparison to the book).

And as to sparkly vampires, I thought it was an interesting twist on the myths (can't go out in sunlight)....loved that they're indestructible. Never quite understood why a steak through the heart would do the trick.

Not that I don't adore Brahm Stoker & his version!

Guess I'll take my love of all things Twilight & keep it at

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that again really depends on the mythos you go by. I play a game produced by white wolf called world of darkness. somewhat a modern d and d style play where you can play as a vampire, a werewolf, a mage or a human hunter. according to there mythos the stake to the heart only puts them into a deep sleep called torpor. bascially if the stake is removed before the final blow (weither it be the traditionally stake and bake or not) the vampire can be rejuvinated, witha little blood. for those wondering the particular game is Vampire: the Requiem. and the best part it is set in a modern world were vampires, werewolves, mages and the like are trying to hide amoungst the humans.

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